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Aboriginal Education

Sydney Secondary College is proudly located on the lands of the Gadigal and Wongal people of the Eora nation. We acknowledge and extend our respect to Elders past, present and emerging, and to all who have, and continue to contribute to our College.

As a College we are committed to improving the educational outcomes and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students so that they excel and achieve in every aspect of their education. We are committed to increasing knowledge and understanding of the histories, cultures and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the First Peoples of Australia across our curriculum as we believe this knowledge empowers all students.

We have strong community connections with our Inner City Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) and work with a number of community stakeholders such as local Elders, Department of Education's Regional Aboriginal Education Team, the Royal Botanic Gardens and Universities to ensure that our outcomes are met. We also engage in a number of programs that allow our students to build their capacity and thrive. These include cultural programs such as BroSpeak and SistaSpeak, mentoring programs such as Pirru Thangkuray, and arts programs run through the NSW Department of Education’s Arts Unit and Bangarra Dance Theatre.  Additionally we provide opportunities for our students to gain work experience and placements through organisations such as the Sydney Opera House.

In 2022  Balmain, Leichhardt and Blackwattle Bay campuses formed Junior AECG’s. Membership provides opportunities for young Aboriginal students to develop leadership skills, communication skills, public speaking skills and provides a voice for young people to express their opinions and perspectives on issues relating to Aboriginal education. Membership is open to all students, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal.

Watch our NAIDOC 2020 video: "Always was, Always will be"

Below are some images from our Sista and Bro speak excursions at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

2021 Reflections and 2022 Directions

By the end of 2021, all three campuses implemented consistent Personalised Learning Pathways (PLP's) for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Students have had their PLP updated with their learning goals and pathways recorded in Sentral for ongoing support over subsequent PLP mentoring sessions. 

Mid-year feedback has demonstrated a more consistent approach to Aboriginal Education with greater opportunity for students. Two Bro-speak and Sista-speak events took place as well as transition opportunities for local Year 6 students. Both junior campuses embarked on promoting Junior AECG's and Pirru Thangkuray mentoring was planned.

In 2022 a newly appointed Head Teacher of Aboriginal Education will oversee the implementation of consistent PLP's across all three campuses. The Junior AECG and mentoring will also commence at all the three sites. In 2022 staff professional development will build on previous experiences with staff undergoing Cultural Awareness training as well as participating in a College-wide development Day with Aboriginal Education being a focus area. The Tutorial (T) Centre will also commence this year with a focus on providing quality education for students who require greater support in a unique setting.