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It is my pleasure to welcome you to Sydney Secondary College.

The staff from the three campuses that make up Sydney Secondary College acknowledge the Gadigal and Wangal people of the Eora Nation as the enduring custodians of this land we now call Sydney and the College campuses that we now educate local children at.

Established in 2002, we are proud of its achievements and the great traditions of Public Education on which it is founded. The creation of the college was this community's response to the need to revitalise public, secondary education in the inner city of Sydney, and specifically to ensure improved middle schooling in Years 7 to 10. It was also intended to provide a wider curriculum choice for Years 11 to 12 in a senior learning environment

Leichhardt High School, Balmain High School and Glebe High School became respectively; Balmain Campus (years 7 to 10), Leichhardt Campus (years 7 to 10) and Blackwattle Bay Campus (years 11 to 12). In addition, a $20 million-dollar refurbishment program upgraded our facilities.

At Sydney Secondary College we are now very fortunate to have three highly successful campuses in their own right, each reflective of their local community and together forming a well-regarded college entrusted with educating more than 2600 students.


There are thirteen multi-campus colleges across the state of NSW with each reflecting its uniqueness. Sydney Secondary is the closest college to the most cosmopolitan and populous capital city in Australia and openly reflects a dynamic, proudly public coeducational ethos across all three campuses. One of the points of difference for Sydney Secondary College is the smooth and well-considered transition program. Local children from surrounding primary schools are well prepared to attend either of our two campuses that specialise in middle schooling for students in years 7-10, Balmain and Leichhardt. Subsequently there is a cooperative and extensive approach to transitioning students to the senior campus at Blackwattle Bay.

Ian Bowsher College Principal

Our College provides excellence in education based on the motto - quality, opportunity and diversity and is led by a highly experienced executive team that includes four Principals, seven Deputy Principals, and 35 Head Teachers. This highly qualified team leads over 240 committed and innovative teachers and support staff in delivering quality teaching and learning for our students.

Together we work to ensure that our young people are given every opportunity to extend and discover their talents. Students are encouraged and expected to:

  • Respect themselves, others and the community

  • Act responsibly

  • Participate productively in learning

We offer strong, forward looking educational leadership to our community while catering for selective, enrichment, mainstream and special education classes across all campuses. We are strengthened and energised by many students from diverse backgrounds and abilities working together and are very proud of our students' intellectual, cultural and sporting achievements. We have respectful and positive partnerships with our parent and community bodies.

2021 marked the commencement of a new planning phase for our college. Together with the three campus principals we will be working towards the theme of ‘collaborating’ and exploring new initiatives and opportunities to enhance the learning experience for college students.

Our aims are to:

  • develop a College wide student centred reflection program that will allow students to set learning goals and engage with academic coaches to assist students achieve their best across years 7-12 resulting in improved academic outcomes for all students

  • link with all local, significant primary schools to actively engage in a collaborative partnership to successfully transition students to our College. This success will be measured by continued growth and a cohort truly reflective of the local population

  • ensure all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have access to relevant cultural and academic support enabling them to develop their leadership capacity and meet their self-identified Personalised Learning Pathways.

  • develop innovative learning initiatives such as the T Centre and Big Picture Education that cater for all students while providing college-wide opportunities including the Instrumental Music Program and the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

As the College Principal I am humbled by the opportunity to further enhance the reputation of Sydney Secondary College and build on its already substantial achievements. I have been an educator for 32 years and held leadership positions for 24 of those across numerous schools and communities. I enjoy building tremendously strong connections with the entire learning community as we strive to make Sydney Secondary the best college in the state.

I look forward to meeting you at our various college events.

Ian Bowsher
College Principal
9810 0471

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