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College Learning Plans (CLPs)

Since 2021, Sydney Secondary College has implemented the College Learning Plan (CLP) to support all students to individually reflect on their academic progress, identify areas of growth, and to set SMART goals in response to their semester reports.

The CLP will ensure that all Sydney Secondary College students are active participants in their learning, having set individualised goals in response to identified strengths and weaknesses based on their report. Additionally, the CLP will further support teachers in strengthening their knowledge of their students and how they learn.

The CLP process


At the end of each reporting period, students attend a presentation that is tailored to their year group. They are then given time to complete reflection activities through the analysis of their report.

These reflection activities include the:

  • calculation of their College Grade Average (CGA) and comparing this to their historical CGAs as well as the average CGA of their cohort.

  • analysis of their teacher comments with a focus on identifying their reported strengths and areas for growth.

  • identification of 3 SMART goals to discuss with their CLP Coach. 

After the presentation, students then attend a one-on-one coaching session with a CLP Coach. During this session, students review:

  • the strengths they have to support ongoing growth

  • the challenges they face to academic achievement

  • their academic goals, both short term and long term


Students' SMART goals goals and strategies for success are then recorded in their College Learning Plan in Sentral, which is updated with every reporting cycle and subsequent CLP Coaching session. This Plan is designed to facilitate an ongoing conversation for all students and teachers focused on student-identified areas of improvement.

Student Reflection Sheets

Along with their reports, students are provided with templates that provide a scaffold for the self-reflection process. 

These templates prompts students to:

  • calculate their College Grade Average (CGA) using their Grades (A-E).

  • carefully read their teacher comments and briefly state identified strengths and areas for growth in each subject.

  • identify 3 SMART goals to discuss with their CLP Coach. 



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Part B CLP sheet.png

Image (above): The College Learning Plan in Action 

focus group 1.jpg

Image (above): A Year 10 Student Focus Group provides their feedback on the CLP process so far

2021 Reflections and 2022 Directions

By the end of 2021, all three campuses implemented the College Learning Plan (CLP). Students who participated in the CLP process have had their learning goals recorded in Sentral for ongoing support over subsequent CLP coaching sessions. 

Mid-year feedback from both students and coaches highlighted the perceived value in the process for providing students with an opportunity to reflect on their own learning behaviours, and for the coaching support in determining goals and strategies that empower students to make positive changes for improvement. 

The CLP Sydney Secondary College school executive are currently in the process of collecting and analysing student and coach feedback on the end-of-year processes that were influenced by the constraints of COVID-19. Additionally, a number of students from each year group have been invited to offer candid feedback as part of a Student Focus Group to represent their peers in offering their insights, critiques and ideas to continue to improve the CLP process and to best support ongoing student growth into 2022.